What others said

"The session with Heidi was excellent. She is very at home with working in this way and I felt at ease and able to explore thoughts and ideas which felt quite tentative. Her observations about my poems were precise and astute and for each comment there was a suggestion for how I might proceed. It was a thoroughly happy and rewarding experience." LH, Poet

“I needed an outside, objective assessment of my writing from an experienced poet and that is exactly what I got. She seemed to grasp intuitively, exactly what I wanted to express. I have re-read the notes I made several times now. I found it invaluable and was still buzzing the next day. I wished I had done it sooner.” IS, Poet

“I was surprised by the some of the things I discovered about my writing practice. I would highly recommend coaching sessions if you are at all stuck with any aspect of your writing.”  Julia Webb, Poet, Editor & Creative Writing Tutor

"Heidi's mentoring sessions really helped me to gain realisations about my strengths and weaknesses as a poet as well as helping me to forge a way forward and set realistic goals.  Heidi is an extremely skillful mentor, her gentle but focused prompts and insightful comments encourage in depth exploration of one's writing persona, but in a totally safe and supportive environment." Sue Burge, Poet & Creative Writing Tutor

“I'm surprised at how easily a writing issue can be untangled in just one session with Heidi. She puts you instantly at ease and has an ability to create an open and safe space to share ideas and action points.” 
James Giddings, Poet & Writing Tutor

“Heidi brings a serene determination to her reflective coaching sessions which is inspiring and infectious. She helped me to see exactly what was blocking my own writing and what I needed to do to overcome it.”
Sarah Bower, Novelist

“The great thing about coaching is that it’s very pressure-free. It feels like an exploration of ideas and possibilities… It draws your mind along new paths and gets you excited about fresh ideas.” Rebecca Done, Novelist

“In my time working with Heidi, I found her to be a calm, professional and supportive coach. Her ability to deliver a clean coaching session was incredibly useful and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others seeking this form of support to move their lives forward.”  Lisa Goll, Novelist