Five poems in Tentacular magazine

Posted on 2 April 2020

A batch of poems from my new collection, 'Return by Minor Road', which will be published by Bloodaxe in April, have gone up at the innovative Tentacular magazine. 

Tentacular has unusual approach in that the aim is to 'create connections, a tissue of interactions, by curating deliberate journeys and juxtapositions through the magazine and beyond.' 

It does this with a network of hyperlink ‘tentacles' at the foot of each piece. Some of these links are suggested by contributors.  Some are editorial choices to provoke reflection.

The aim is to create 'A magazine as a kind of reading & writing animal.  Which evolves, reaches out, asks you to involve yourself in its creation.' 

You can read all of the current poems in the issue here -

And my poems are here -