Mini Review of The Print Museum in the PBS Bulletin

The Poetry Book Society bills itself as the book club for poetry lovers. Founded by T S Eliot in 1953, it provides information, guidance and discounts on the best contemporary poetry for a wide-ranging community of readers. It’s the biggest dedicated poetry bookseller in the UK.

Each quarter they publish a Bulletin of what’s coming out and coming up in the poetry world. It’s always a delight to hear the Bulletin land on the mat. And this quarter it was wonderful to see The Print Museum mentioned in upcoming books.

I was really interested to read what they said about it, and thought it was a thoughtful and inviting paragraph about what to expect from the book:

Inspired by her residency at the John Jarrold Print Museum, Heidi Williamson’s new collection is a eulogy to the ‘dying craft’ of printmaking and a paean to the technologies that render writing’s material processes possible. Her playful experiments with form uncover the mechanics at work behind language itself, documenting a contemporary world in which the very ‘substance of a Tweet’ is potentially radioactive. Tracing the lineage of ‘grease-laden surfaces’ in the ‘serene precision’ of the screens that mediate today’s reality, this book explores poetry’s role in an era where writers must continually ask themselves if ‘words weigh less in cyberspace’?