Reading at Turn The Page 24 June

I’m delighted to be reading from ‘The Print Museum’ at Turn The Page 2016, which rightly calls itself ‘A bookish kind of heaven’.

Turn The Page is a premier BookArt event, showcasing artists from all over the world who are inspired by the structural and conceptual properties of the book form.

You can see everything from sculptural books to rare limited editions, zines and installations, attend workshops, hear fantastic music and readings.

Every exhibitor is passionate about print – preserving traditional printmaking and bookbinding skills alongside contemporary publishing and book production.

It’s become one of the city’s most popular events – drawing visitors and exhibitors from all around the world.

I’m reading at 12.30 on 24 June in The Atrium at The Forum and will no doubt be found browsing the incredible installations for the rest of the day too.