The Print Museum and new work at Poetry Spotlight

If you pop over to Poetry Spotlight today, you can find me chatting about The Print Museum as well as new work towards the next collection.

Poetry Spotlight is an online journal publishing interviews with contemporary poets. It features new work that hasn’t been published elsewhere, set against a background of discussion with the writer. New articles are added every Wednesday and Saturday.

As editor Paul Clune says ‘A poem doesn’t appear out of thin air and it’s nice sometimes to learn a bit more about the person who penned it. Turns out they are often as interesting as the writing they produce.’

I’ve really enjoyed reading the interviews with the other writers this year, and look forward to seeing who’s coming up next. If you follow @PoetrySpotlight on Twitter, you can get the heads up on who’s coming up too.

Read the full interview about The Print Museum and new work at Poetry Spotlight