New poems in Whale Road Review and The Curlew

A couple of poems that are in my next collection (Return by Minor Road, due out from Bloodaxe in April 2020) have been published recently in poetry journals.

Based in San Diego, Whale Road Review takes its name from an old kenning – the ocean as ‘the whale road’ – conjuring the image of whales moving in patterns through the waters of the world. ‘Whale road’ as patterning, and re-seeing.

You can read my poem ‘Smoke’ in issue 16 here:

Larix, The Curlew

Larix, The Curlew

The Curlew is a beautifully produced print journal based in the UK. It is dedicated to ‘fine writing about the natural world….In The Curlew are presented ideas, emotions, imaginings – but most of all beauty. It seeks for passion, images that make us smile or shiver, word pictures that stay with us and make us think. In other words, writing that enriches our lives.’

The editor, Lynn Parr, is a writer, ecologist and academic who has worked for national conservation organizations and charities in the UK and USA. Profits from The Curlew benefit organizations and charities dedicated to protecting habitats, stopping wildlife trafficking and educating people worldwide about conservation and animal welfare.

My poem ‘A wet morning in the cathedral square’ appears in the ‘Larix’ issue.