Judging the 2020 Poetry Society Stanza Competition

I’m excited to be judging the Poetry Society’s annual Stanza competition. The theme is ‘Hear’ and entry is free. If you belong to a Poetry Society Stanza and you’re a member of the Poetry Society you can enter up to 2 poems of 40 lines. There’s still time to join both and enter!

A Poetry Society Stanza is a fantastic way to meet other poets, hear talks, get feedback, reading suggestions and support each other as writers. There’s bound to be one near you. If not, you could think about setting one up. I’ve been a member of local Stanzas over the years and found it a terrific support in my writing and writing life.

'Hear' Stanza Poetry Competition

‘Hear’ Stanza Poetry Competition

Being a member of the Poetry Society also gives you access to lots of news and information about what’s happening in the UK poetry world and further afield. It’s very inclusive, with special information for younger writers, schools, with lots of resources, plus a newsletter with opportunities and articles. You can also receive one of the UK’s premier poetry journals – Poetry Review – to see what’s current in UK and international poetry.

I know the standard of entries will be high, and I’m really looking forward to reading lots of exciting, interesting and inspiring pieces that make me think, move me, and show me wonderful ways contemporary UK poets are engaging with the world. And what a lot there is to engage with just now.

You can find full details and enter here: https://poetrysociety.org.uk/membership/poetry-society-stanzas/competition/

Good luck!