Film of me reading ‘Place’ for the Poetry Archive

The Poetry Archive‘s tagline is ‘connecting with the voice of poets’ and I’ve enjoyed listening to so many wonderful poems on their site over many years.

Their 2020 project ‘The Poetry Archive Now!‘ hosts current poems from all over the world for viewers to browse and enjoy on YouTube. It’s a pleasure to be part of a project without boundaries sharing poems.

One windy evening, former colleague and friend Andy Bobbin and his wife Helen filmed me reading from my latest collection. There were ongoing bird calls, gaggles of picnicking families, a stiff breeze and fading light.

This wonderfully textured alcove at Wymondham Abbey formed a perfect backdrop and sheltered my voice from the wind. I love the bird calls and ambient sounds that punctuate the reading.

You can watch me read my poem ‘Place‘ – the final one in ‘Return by Minor Road‘ here: