Berlin Lit poem

Issue Four of Berlin Lit features some of my favourite contemporary poets, so I’m very pleased to have a new poem, ‘The Circus Holds Water‘, published alongside them.

The poem is a fantastical one about the circus – one of a sequence I’ve been writing. Part of the inspiration for ‘The Circus Holds Water‘ is the wonderful Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth, which has a pool beneath the ring. The finale showcases this unique feature to brilliant effect.

The finale accumulates dry-ice
and the floor of the ring drops
surreptitiously while we watch
the sequinned dancers –

their costumes revealed
as swimwear ….

Heidi Williamson, from ‘The Circus Holds Water’, Berlin Lit Issue Four

Please do dip in and enjoy the excellent poems in Berlin Lit. And / or consider submitting to this marvellous journal yourself.