“Courageous and moving.” Briony Bax, 2016 East Anglian Book Awards

“It is these moments of stillness in Williamson’s writing, of stasis and contemplation, of sadness and such beauty, that make her poems unforgettable. They make you return to them, to find what made you stop in that silence.” Tilly Nevin, The Oxford Culture Review

“At their heart is human tenderness and a sense of human friability…  The poems display an incisive mind, a powerful imagination and an equally impressive purchase on language.” Moniza Alvi & Paul Farley, Poetry Book Society

“Heidi Williamson’s poems are about contact with the haunted world. She understands uncertainty and loss, as well as the trace loss leaves behind as memory, memory that acts like a Blitz incendiary waiting to ignite later in life. The sensuousness of language is asserted… through tender explorations of our haunted fabric.” George Szirtes

“Williamson knows that poetry is a means of investigation, rigorous and disciplined; her poems often begin with a thought that a lesser poet would be content to end with. This approach is evident in the beautiful precision of her language, the way form itself becomes a means of discovery.” Esther Morgan

“I am a great admirer of Heidi’s poetry and find her fascination with science very exciting. There isn’t enough high quality poetry that is empathetic to science around and the value of her approach extends well beyond poetry.” Professor Anne Osbourn