Review in London Grip

Maltese poet and teacher Abigail Ardelle Zammit recently reviewed Return by Minor Road for London Grip.

Her thoughtful and sensitive take on the subject and the collection moved me a great deal.

In February’s reviews round-up, London Grip published Abigail Ardelle Zammit’s thoughts on my latest collection ‘Return by Minor Road’.

London Grip describes itself as ‘an independent online venue, a cultural omnibus providing intelligent reviews of current shows, events and books, well-argued articles on the widest range of topics, an exhibition space for cross-media arts and an in-house poetry magazine.’

In her review, Abigail Ardelle Zammit comments:

“Heidi Williamson’s third collection is… a sensitive and subtle reflection on the culverts and rivers within the human body that carry the past.

Through a lexicon that is coloured by Scottish inflections (‘thrawn’, ‘cairn’, ‘drookit’), terse versification intensified by assonantal and consonantal patterning, and a sense of place etched through the vocabulary of return…Williamson weaves her delicate sonata of loss, upheaval and natural resilience….

The collection’s secret is the gentle metaphor – not the sensational collocative term, but the knowing that comes gradually to light.

[F]ound poems and white space [express] the shock and dismay of that moment in time when everything changes and even language fails.

By the third and final section, we know that place is not simply a geographical territory that humans inhabit, but that momentous events which occur there become part of our DNA.”