‘Greening the Earth’, Penguin India

‘Place’ from my third Bloodaxe collection ‘Return by Minor Road‘ has been included in ‘Greening the Earth‘, a Penguin Random House India anthology.

Here’s a bit more about the book:

Greening the Earth is a rare anthology that brings together global poetic responses to one of the major crises faced by humanity in our time: environmental degradation and the threat it poses to the very survival of the human species. Poets from across the world respond here in their diverse voices-of anger, despair, and empathy-to the present ecological damage prompted by human greed, pray for the re-greening of our little planet and celebrate a possible future where we live in harmony with every form of creation.

The readings, on December 1st and 6th, will be hosted by Dr Nishi Chawla. Rather than live in front of an online audience, they’re being recorded and shared later on YouTube. I’ll share the recording link to all the wonderful readings when I have it.